How long will iClaw take to arrive after ordering?

We aim to deliver your fully bespoke iClaw to you within 2 weeks from date of order. We recommend ordering at least ONE month in advance of your scheduled event date(s) to ensure availability.

What does the setup process involve?

We discuss with you which campaign you would like to feature in/on your iClaw, including branding, design, touchscreen content, gift prizes and date and location of the intended campaign. Our ‘in house’ team will then liaise with you ongoing and you can rest assure that EVERY aspect of your bespoke iClaw build will be dealt with to the highest standard, resulting in a flawless, highly impactive and effective campaign.

What DATA does iClaw capture?

For ONE FREE play, users can opt to enter their email address or mobile number to receive a free play code. iClaw collects important leads data in accordance with your own set of T&C’s and Privacy Policy. iClaw also captures customer insight data, that gives you a clear picture of how much your campaign and content is being engaged with, more importantly showing you how attractive it is! iClaw can capture up to 6 faces at a time per screen and record how long each person is looking at each screen for. You’ll receive hour by hour data at the end of your iClaw campaign.

What content can iClaw display?

Use your best content or create something new…

The type of content iClaw can display will be specific to the iClaw campaign you wish to display. Content you already have can be utilised in a brand new way, giving you further customer behaviour insights! Or you could create something completely new that will strengthen your brand/product reputation.

We recommend some of the following ideas:

  •  Showcase your website/full catalogue at events and exhibitions – don’t keep pulling out  brochures and forms and tablets and smartphones! Utilise your website to provide pricing  information and product specifications, and have potential customers use the contact form on  your website to direct further queries/sales and even make orders! 
  • Product/campaign related app/game based interaction – Bring even more fun to the iClaw  experience with your own interactive content!
  • Moving content such as GIF’s and videos really grab attention. You can even have content playing on  top of your website whilst iClaw is not being engaged with!

Can anything be vended out of an iClaw?

We recommend that 90mm diameter clear capsule bubbles are used to contain the prize gifts vended in iClaw. The grab mechanism works smoothly on prize pick up with these. Alternatively, a smaller grab mechanism can be fitted to enable iClaw to lift some other types of gifts which may not fit into a capsule bubbles. We advise that you send us images/sizes or ideally a sample prior to planning, to vend without the gift being contained in capsules, this is so we can check for playability!

How many 90mm prize bubbles does an iClaw hold, can they be reused and where can I purchase them?

iClaw holds up to 120 prize bubbles per fill and can be reused time and time again. They are recyclable too! You can purchase these ongoing from Leisurematic.

Is iClaw portable and easily moved on site?

Yes! iClaw is mounted on lockable caster wheels and can be easily moved around to be correctly positioned on site. Each unit weighs 140kg approx.

What electric power supply and voltage does an iClaw need and how much current does it draw?

iClaw runs on a standard 240V socket and draws 4 amps approx.

Is the iClaw cabinet currently only in grey colour?

iClaw can be supplied in most colours subject to length of hire/quantity, otherwise the standard cabinet colour is grey.

When I place my order for an iClaw, how do I get my own bespoke cabinet graphics featured on it?

We email you over a panel template kit which allows you to easily design them in your own brand/theme. Email them back to us and we print your final design onto high quality vinyl graphic and apply these to your iClaw. Alternatively, our graphic designers can do this all for you then send them back for approval before we print them off and apply them.

Can iClaw be set to win everytime or randomly?

Yes! iClaw can be set to either pay out a prize every time or can be easily programmed via an internal digital processor unit to dispense a prize randomly, from 1 prize every 3 plays, upwards (average payout approx.).

What if I have internet issues on site?

iClaw comes with built in Wi-Fi to ensure a seamless interactive user journey from the moment it is switched on, also ensuring no internet issues arise throughout the duration of your hire. iClaw can also be connected to your own Wi-Fi connection upon request.

More info?

We’re only a phone call away…Tel: 01228 595 071 or fill out the contact form below…